Florida Flag
Flag of Florida

On a white field emblazoned with a red X and the state seal, Florida's flag represents the land of sunshine, flowers, palm trees, rivers and lakes. The seal features a brilliant sun, a cabbage palmetto tree, a steamboat sailing and a Native American Seminole woman scattering flowers. Flag adopted in 1899.

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Florida was the 27th state to join the union.
It was settled in 1565 and entered the union on March 3 , 1845.
The state capitol is in Tallahassee.

Their nickname is: The Sunshine State
Their motto is: In God We Trust
Origin of state's name: Named on Easter 1513 by Ponce de Leonfor Pascua Florida, meaning "Flowery Easter"

Below is a list of some of the ciites we have visisted during our trip(s) to Florida.

Fort Lauderdale Jacksonville Miami Orlando St. Augustine St. Petersburg Tallahassee Tampa

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