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Centered on red, white and blue fields is the Missouri state seal. It is encircled by a blue band with twenty-four stars representing the number of states in 1821. The stars in the inner circle have the same meaning. Two huge grizzly bears support the circular shield in the center which has three parts: the right section representing the United States, the left section containing a moon representing a new state and a grizzly bear standing for courage, and the motto "United We Stand, Divided we Fall"

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Missouri was the 24th state to join the union.
It was settled in 1735 and entered the union on Aug. 10, 1821.
The state capitol is in Jefferson City

Their nickname is: The Show Me State
Their motto is: The welfare of the people shall be the supreme law
Origin of state's name: Named after Missouri Indian tribe whosename means "town of the large canoes"

Below is a list of some of the ciites we have visisted during our trip(s) to Missouri

Kansas City St. Louis

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