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Utah State Flag

On a blue field appears the state seal. In the center of the seal is a beehive, the state emblem, with a sego lily growing on either side. The sego lily stands for peace. The state motto "Industry" means steady effort. A national flag shows that Utah supports the United States. The eagle stands for protection in peace and war. The date 1847 represents the year that Brigham Young led a group of people to the Salt Lake Valley to reestablish in Utah, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, also know as The Mormons. The date 1896 represents the year that Utah gained admission to the Union of the United States

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Utah was the 45th state to join the union.
It was settled in 1847 and entered the union on Jan. 4, 1896.
The state capitol is in Salt Lake City.

Their nickname is: The Beehive State
Their motto is: Industry
Origin of state's name: Taken from the name of the Ute Indians, whose name means "people of the mountains"

Below is a list of some of the ciites we have visisted during our trip(s) to Utah

4 Corners Monument Valley Park City Salt Lake City

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