Our Trip to Ft. Lauderdale and Miami
We got into Florida around 11:00 PM so we just checked into our hotel at the Ramada and crashed for the night.

The next morning we went to a time share presentation that we got talked into while checking into the hotel. We were not pleased at this situation. Brian at the Florida Welcome Center, basically told us that we wouldn't be able to get our cruise tickets unless we went to this presentation. After several freebies, we agreed to go. Surprise, surprise, surprise, he had our cruise tickets all along. Watch out for this guy if you ever check into the Ramada on State Rd. 7. The woman at the time-share was very nice though. We spent several hours walking around and talking to her. After we left with our freebies, we headed out for lunch. We had planned on going to the art museum, but we were still a little tired and opted for swimming and taking a nap. After we napped we meet for dinner with a friend that I chat with on the Internet. I was really nice to meet someone that you chat with face to face. We had a nice dinner, than kicked back at their place for a while.

The next morning we had planned to go to the Art Museum then the Science Center. Unfortunately, we forgot that the Art Museum was closed on Monday's. Bummer. Here is their website if you'd like to check it out anyway Museum of Art.

Since the museum was closed, we decided to go on to the Science Center. When we got to the parking garage, there we about 50 school buses of kids going to the museum. We changed our minds real quick. Not a fun morning, bet we had fun going down to the Riverwalk and walking around. We went back after the kids were gone, and had an interesting time. We enjoyed playing with all the interactive and hands on exhibits. The best part of this section of the museum was the No Place Like Home Section. This section was dedicated to the inner workings of everything in your house. They even had an electric car to look at. I thought that exhibit was interesting until we saw all the animals they have on the bottom level. We spent several hours looking at Sea Turtles, sharks, snakes, and alligators. They even had a Grouper. I really enjoyed watching the alligators. They were still real small. The Sea Turtles were also very interesting to watch. The only part of the museum I didn't like was a part that housed bugs and bats. I was not impressed. I think the bats were so disgusting. Other than that, the museum was interesting and informative. This is their web site if you'd like to check it out Museum of Discovery and Science.

When the museum closed we headed over to take the Jungle Cruise Tour. One of our freebies I might add. It was great. The boat took us along a strip of water where there were an abundance of mansions and beautiful houses, not to mention all the yachts. It was unreal. It was a nice cruise and the Captain kept us all entertained. Once we got to an Island, it was a feeding frenzy. All the BBQ ribs, chicken, and shrimp you can eat. Everyone walked away a few pounds heavier. To top off the evening there was a funny variety show. After the show we headed back to the boat and back through the beautiful homes. It was a very fun evening. To read more about the Jungle Queen Riverboat, check out their web page Jungle Queen.

The next day was our anniversary and we decided to head down to Key Largo and do some snorkeling. It was a hot day and the water felt extremely nice. It wasn't as clear as we thought it would be, but we did see some interesting fish. Later that evening we had a wonderful dinner at Aruba's on the beach. The night was finished with a romantic stroll along the beach. It was a great evening.

The next day was the day we were catching the cruise to the Bahamas. We didn't leave until the afternoon so we met a co-worker for an early lunch at a restaurant called Mangos On Los Olas. We set out on the patio and had a nice relaxing lunch. It was a great way to spend the last few hours before we headed for our cruise.

When we returned from the Bahamas we had reservations down in Miami Beach. We headed toward Miami and were pleasantly surprised to find our hotel was on the beach. Even better, was the fact that we got a room with a view of the beach. It was so beautiful. We did eventually leave to go the Miami Museum of Science. They were in the middle of tearing down one exhibit and putting up another. I think it would have been more interesting if one of the other exhibits had been up. They did have a nice planetarium and showed some interesting shows. Here is their web site if you'd like to check it out Miami Museum of Science.

We had planned to go back for the laser show that evening, but never made it. I wasn't feeling good so we went back to our hotel with a beautiful view, ordered a pizza, and watched TV I know, boring. I was very upset the next morning when I realized it was our only night in Miami and we didn’t go out and look at the Southern Cross. I am still not over that yet. Definitely on the list of things to see the next time we are in the area. Anyway, I did get up early the next morning and watched the light as it illuminated the beach. It was beautiful.

All in all we had a good time. We agreed that we would be back. Here are some things we would like to do next time:

Miami Zoo Butterfly World Seaquarium
Everglades Bass Museum of Art Sea Experience

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