Our Trip to Kansas City
We had a wonderful time in Kansas City. I actually went out there a few days early and worked from the hotel during the day and went to see the Angels play against the Royals at night. It was an awesome adventure. I actually got into Kansas City before the Angles did and was at their hotel when they arrived. It was so cool. They all looked so handsome! I meet Chone Figgins and got his autograph. It was so cool. Later that evening I set in the bar, had a couple of beers, and talked to Rex Hudler, Garrett Anderson, and Mike Butcher. It was incredible. I went to the three games that series and got several autographs including Mike Butcher, Scot Shields, and a few others I can’t remember at the moment. I even got a ball from Reggie Wilits. It was such a great experience. I only wish some of my Angels buddies could have been with me. It was a blast.

Kauffman Stadium (where the Royals play) was under construction in hopes for landing the 2012 All Star Game. It was a mess, but I could see what they were doing, and I think it will be really nice once it’s done. I will have to go back and see it’s finished. Another cool thing about the stadium is actually about the parking lot. Kaufman Stadium shares the parking lot with Arrowhead Stadium where the Kansas City Chiefs play. When the Royals are at home the spots near their stadium are for VIP etc, and the ones in front of Arrowhead are general admission parking. The exact opposite happens when the Chiefs are playing. I am not sure what happens if they both happen to play during August and September. Anyway, I just thought it was an interesting setup.

The next day Gene came and we had a really nice three day weekend. The first thing he wanted to do was go to see the Airline History Museum. We went to the museum and it was pretty interesting. I can’t even begin to list or explain all the planes and memorabilia they have in the museum. According to the AAA tour guide, they say that one particular plane of interest is 1 1959 Lockhead Super Constellation , or “Connie” which is easily recognized by its triple tail and tip tanks on the wings. Other highlights are artifacts, photographs, uniforms, and navigation instruments. They weren’t too busy while we were there and after our tour, they actually let us go back where they were do restorations. It was cool and Gene was like a kid in a candy shop.

Staying with the basball theme, we went to the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum and I was in my element there. The museum recounts the formation and history of the Negro Baseball League prior to 1945, the year that Jackie Robinson was signed by the Brooklyn Dodgers. He was the first African-American in the modern era to play on a Major League roster. As you can imagine, they had quite a bit of stuff on Jackie Robinson. Their website said that even though this historic event was a key moment in baseball and civil rights history, it prompted the decline of the Negro Leagues. The best black players were now recruited for the Major Leagues, and black fans followed. The last Negro Leagues teams folded in the early 1960s, but their legacy lives on through the surviving players and the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum. Displays include pennants, autographed baseballs, photographs, biographies, and an 8 min video about the league. It is such a fascinating museum and my only regret was that we didn’t have enough time there. However, I do think every baseball fan should see it someday. My dream is still to go to Cooperstown. Maybe someday.

Another place that we both found utterly fascinating was the Hallmark Visitors Center . It was mind boggling. There was so much to look at and so much to do. We were there for several hours and still didn’t get to see all we wanted to see. Seems like we never had enough time to do anything we wanted to do while we were there. If you have been there, you know what I am talking about. If you haven’t, you have to see it for yourself. I walked out of there thinking, “I want to work here!” It was like a flash from the past watching old commercials and seeing old cards. The even have this machine where you can make your own card and email to friends or family. I can’t say enough about this place, but the best part was that it was FREE! It is definitely a must on the todo list if you are in Kansas City, Mo.

One thing we both would have liked to have seen, but didn’t, was the Harley Davidson Assembly Plant. They were closed for renovation and weren’t doing tours or anything. It was disappointing, but we will see it next time.

While we were there we also went to a delicious BBQ restaurant for dinner. It is called Fiorella's Jack Stack . It was really, really good. Both of us liked it and wished there was one near us. However, we did discover Famous Dave’s while we were out there, and they are really good too.

Here are a few PICTURES OF KAUFFMAN STADIUM for you to enjoy. You will have to sign up for a Walgreens account, but it is free!

Again, we only had three days and there is so much to see and do. We will definitely be back. Even though we didn't get to see all we wanted to see, there are a lot of fun activities in Kansas City. Below are a few things that we would like to do the next time we are there.

Kemper Art Museum Harry S. Truman Library and Museum Oceans of Fun
Worlds of Fun Nelson Atkins Art Museum Kansas City Zoo

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