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In May of 2010 we went to Des Moines and Lincoln to check out the two capitols. We drove from Denver and it was pretty uneventful. We saw some pretty country and stopped in North Platte to have lunch. We really didn¡¦t have much time in Omaha since we were mostly just driving through to Des Moines. However, there was something that made us stop on the way back home instead of just driving through again. We were listening to AM radio to see what stations we could get and how far. The Angels were playing the Cardinals in St. Louis and I was hoping to hear the game. Well we got a big surprise, we ended up hearing a game between the Salt Lake Bees and the Omaha Royals . The Royals were at home and they had just started a 4 game series against the Bees! I was so excited to get to see another Bee's game! Anyway, we stoped and got tickets for one of the games. It was such a nice unplanned surprise.

The game was played at Rosenblatt Field which is where they currently play the College World Series. It is a really nice park, but sadly we heard this was the last year it was going to be used. It is being torn down to expand some project they are working on. I am disappointed. I haven't been to many AAA parks, but this one was really nice. (I still like the Bee's the best) It is a shamethough about Rosenblatt Field. It has been there for quite a while. Some of the people I talked to are really upset about it too. I can't say I blame them. I am glad I did get a chance to see if before it is gone. I still have our tickets. They might end up in a scrapbook someday.

Here are a few PICTURES FROM ROSENBLATT FIELD for you to enjoy. You will have to sign up for a Walgreens account, but it is free!

If it weren't for the game, we probably wouldn't have even stopped. As it turned out, we did have lunch there, then Gene wanted to see the Kawasaki plant. Sadly, they weren't doing tours, but at least he got to see it, and we took a couple of pictures.

Since we weren't there long, all I can do is list a few attractions in Omaha. I hear the Zoo is really nice. Enjoy.

Henry Doorly Zoo Joslyn art Museum Lauritzen Gardens
Fun Flex Amusement Park The Mormon Pioneer Trail Children's Museum

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