In May 2009, we celebrated our anniversary and spent a 4 day weekend in Salt Lake City (SLC). Our anniversary wasn’t until Friday but I wanted to watch a Bee’s (the Angels AAA farm team) game. They were heading out of town after their game on Thursday night, so we decided to take an extra day off and see the game. We flew into SLC early in the day and headed to meet one of Cam’s ex-customers for lunch. We had a really nice lunch at a micro brew and tasted some of their beers. It was strange to go to a microbrew in SLC since they don’t drink much out there. Anyway, it was nice to meet a former customer I use to talk to all the time.

Later that night we went to watch the Salt Lake Bees play a game at Smiths Ballpark (Formally Spring Mobile Park) It is a very nice park and has a breathtaking view from the stands. I did get a few autographs and a bunch of pictures. I even got a picture of me with Matt Brown who has been up and down with the Angels. It was a great evening. The only real downer, besides the fact that they lost the game, was that they also had a memorial from Nick Adenhardt who had been killed earlier that year. Since he was recently called up, he had a lot of friends on the Bees’s team and it hit them hard too. Other than that, it was a great evening.

The next day we went to the Mormon Tabernacle . I was quite impressed and surprised. The organ everyone talks about is huge. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to hear them play the big organ. However, while we were there, they had a concert in a smaller cathedral and someone was playing a smaller (but still big) organ. It sounded some beautiful. He ended the concert by playing “Til We Meet Again” which we are familiar with from our church services. It was an interesting morning.

After lunch we went to the Utah State Capital. This is a very impressive capital, and I think it’s one of the better capitals we’ve been to. It is on a hill, and according to the State Capital website It is commonly referred to as Capitol Hill. This appellation is derived from the name of one of the Seven Hills of Rome - Capitoline Hill. Capitoline Hill is home to the Temple of Jupiter, the supreme deity of Roman mythology. As the head of the esteemed Capitoline Triad, which includes his sister and wife, the goddess Juno and daughter Minerva, Jupiter was the head of Roman social order and the administrator of Roman laws. Analogously, those that administer our state’s laws are housed on Capitol Hill.

The inside is also impressive. The have an art exhibit on the main level and the whole building is open and airy. The view from up on the hill is amazing. We took a tour and got to see a lot of the rooms we wouldn’t have, if we had just done the self guided tour. As I said, I was quite impressed and took a lot of pictures. One exciting thing happened while we were there, we saw a wedding reception. They have this huge room on the lower level and apparently you can rent it out for weddings, meetings, etc. It was cool, even though we couldn’t figure out why they got married on a Friday afternoon. hum???? But it was a very elegant set up. It was kind of cool that they got married the same day we did. There were also two incredible marble staircases that ran up both sides of the huge room back up to the main level. An absolutely beautiful place to have a reception. I don’t even want to think about the cost of that. : )

After our long day of running around the Tabernacle and the Capital we were pooped and weren’t up to going to a fancy expensive restaurant for dinner. We ended up having dinner at a pizza place called Pie Pizza or The Pie Hole and it was awesome. I guess they are a small chain, but it was so good. Lots and lots of cheese. They also had a few unique beers we were able to try. I definitely will go again the next time I am in SLC.

The next day we went to Park City and I have a separate link. Please check it out if you want to see what we did there. After getting back from Park City on Saturday afternoon, we went back to the tabernacle. This time we were able to listen to the big organ being played. It wasn’t a concert, just someone practicing while a women explained the pipe lengths and how they each make different sounds. It was much deeper than the one we heard the day before.

Sunday before we had to head home, we went to a sister church of our church named Prince of Peace aka POP. Everyone was really nice and we enjoyed the service. They were having a group outing to go to the Bees game later that month, and I was bummed I wouldn’t be able to go too. Oh well, next time. After we left church, Gene wanted to see the Salt Lake Flats. We headed there, then we headed to the airport. It was a long weekend, but it felt short.

Here are some pictures of the Salt Lake City Capitol , Spring Mobile Ballpark, and the Mormon Tabernacle. You will have to sign up for a Walgreens account, but it is free!

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