Sedona, AZ
To say Sedona is beautiful or gorgeous is a huge understatement. It has to be one of the most exquisite places in the southwest. It’s something you have to see for yourself. The locals say there is magic in the handsome red-rocks, and I believe them. I was definitely smitten. We got there at night, so we didn’t get to see them until we woke up. What a site to wake up to. We stayed at the Sedona Summit, which is part of our time share family. It is a quiet resort and everyone was really friendly. Unfortunately we only had two days there.

After we drove around and took a bunch pictures, we ended up driving out to Winslow. Our main reason for driving to Winslow was to see the meteor crater, however we couldn’t resist standing on the corner like in the Eagles song. It took us a while to find the corner, but we found it. On the corner there is a statue of a man with a guitar. There is also a mural of a girl driving a flatbed Ford looking at him. They even have the soundtrack playing in the background. There’s also a little shop across the street from the statue called Standing on the Corner.

We eventually made it to the Meteor Crater which is also a site to see. It was formed nearly 49,500 years ago by the impact of a meteorite nearly 100 feet in diameter. The diameter if the crater at the rim is 4,1540 feet; the rim itself is about 150 feet above the plateau and 750 feet above the bottom of the crater…The sides are almost vertical for some distance below the rim. There is also a visitor center which plays a continuos audiovisual presentation about the crater and meteors. As well as the audiovisual presentation, there is an interactive computer display that allows visitors to learn about meteorites, the space program, deep space, and the solar system. It is really an interesting site to see.

The next day we just hung around the city and did a little souvenir shopping. After that we went to the Chapel of the Holy Cross. The chapel was built in 1956 and stands on a small mountain between two large red sandstone peaks. A 90-foot cross dominates the structure. There are no services in the chapel, but visitors can go in and pray if they like. There is also a guest book you can sign. It is a simple, but quaint little chapel.

After we left the chapel we went on a drive on what they call Red Rock Loop. It was an extremely beautiful drive. Throughout most of the drive beautiful Red Rocks surround you. It was absolutely amazing. I took pictures, but the didn’t do justice to the beauty. The next time I will definitely take a video camera to record that drive. Warning; you will get red rock all over your car, but it is well worth it.

Later that evening we went and saw an Omni-max movie regarding the history of Sedona and some of it’s highlights. It was a good movie, but it should have been longer for the price we paid. It was only forty-five minutes for $8.00. I don’t think they should have charged that much for a forty-five minute movie. Other than the price, it was very good. Unfortunately, it was our last evening there and we had to leave early the next morning. I can’t wait to go back again. This time I want to stay at least a week and really see the city.

Here are some Pictures of Sedona . You will have to sign up for a Walgreens account, but it is free! Again, the colors are much more brilliant then you can ever get in a picture. You will have to come see them for yourself!

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